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Dovile Jurkiene

About Me

 It took me long to understand what I wanted to do in my life. The only thing I was certain about, was that I want to be a mother. So now I have three amazing kids. They were my first models. (not always happy about crazy mama with camera and hard job to be a model) Sorry kids! :))

 My interest in photography and cameras kept growing and I have decided I need to gain a professional understanding on how good imagery is created, how to convey the message using shapes and colours and the importance of good composition. So I have finished Kensington & Chelsea Graphic design and London Westminster Photography courses.

I have always enjoyed arty things like; drawing, writing, creating textiles and etc. I love fashion. Not for myself but as a spectator. Timeless photography and fashion is a big source of inspiration for me.

But most of all I am fascinated by people. Emotions, connections, love and life itself, you just can't get bored with it!

So, photography definitely suits me and I am very happy with my choice of profession.

I love what I do.

My photography

Light and colourful. Earthy and natural.

I have tried many different genres of photography, and came to the conclusion that most enjoyable for me is to take pictures of people. To tell stories about their life, about feelings and connections. 

I am more of a spontaneous person, so as little planning as possible suits me well.  All I need on the photoshoot day, is to switch my creative mind on, and everything works well, no bad locations, wrong light or wrong timing. I do easily adjust to what is given. So ability to see creatively and good knowledge of my gear is a big benefit to my work.

And of course I am happy to discuss your ideas, the wardrobe choices, preferable location and looks. So if you know what you want let's talk about it, if you have no idea what you want or what would suit you the best, I am happy to help with ideas.

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